1 Big App: Codes Generator – generates codes. Ever needed 100 unique codes for your website discounts?
Codes Generator can create them fast and on the spot.
You can also use this tool for generating unique passwords.

Input desired code “Length” and required amount – “Count”
Select desired symbol sets. Capital letters, Lowercase letters, Numbers & Symbols are available for picking.
Once finished with the options, tap “Generate codes”.
Tap on any of the codes to copy it to “Pasteboard”. Paste it anywhere you want.
You can also switch to different view layout.
Tap “Copy all” to copy all the generated codes to “Pasteboard”.
  1. Input desired code “Length” and required amount of codes in the “Count” field.
  2. Select desired symbol set and click “Generate codes”.
    Uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols are available for picking.
  3. You can tap on any of the code to copy it to “Pasteboard”. You can switch to a alternative view as well.
  4. Press “Copy all” to copy all the codes to “Pasteboard”.