1 Big App: Blur Face – is privacy based feature app.

Blur Face automatically detects multiple faces in the image and blurs them.

Face detection uses latest Apple’s┬áMachine Learning(CoreML) technology, therefore it is blazingly fast.

Blur Face before/after images


Select images from “Photos”
Select images from “Files”
Tap “Options” to select multiple images at once.
Tap “Select” to select multiple images at once.
Select images to Blur Faces
Once all the images are selected, tap “Open”.
Tap “Blur face” to blur faces.
Once completed, you will see a completion message. Tap “OK” to continue.
Tap “Save to Photos” to save the images to “Photos”.
Tap “Share…” to save to “Files”, send to Messages, share via “Airdrop” or to any other installed app.
Share or save the images with Blurred Faces to desired location or app :)
  1. Select some images/photos from “Photos” or “Files”.
  2. To select multiple photos/images from “Files”, tap “Options” and tap “Select”.
  3. Select multiple images/photos.
  4. Tap “Open.
  5. Tap “Blur faces”.
  6. Wait for success message. Tap “OK” to close.
  7. Preview results.
    Tap “Save to Photos” to save to “Photos” library.
    Tap “Share…” to save to “Files”, share via “Airdrop”, send via “Messages” or any other app that supports images.
  8. Select where to “Share” :)